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Working with under 5s and their carers

What are your top tips for working with under 5s and their carers?


Kids like to draw characters from the stories we tell them.

Christmas lunch for all carers and children; nativity puppets and Father Christmas with nativity board books.

Treats and traditions – an evening for parents at Christmas time.

Children’s workers must be prepared to make a fool of themselves – eg dancing, jumping about.

Has anybody any experience of dealing with special needs /Down’s syndrome toddlers? Most of the information I have seen deals with 5 years and older and the child I’m thinking of is not yet two.

Children’s workers must be infectious and contagious.

There are no children’s helpers – we are all leaders (thanks Ishmael).

Our toddler group started a toddler church and we tell Bible stories and sing Bible songs.

I run a Monday Toddler Group – try to keep it simple in structure, always include a Bible story and songs towards the end. Hope to build a team as I run it on my own at the moment.

Never try and do anything in your own strength. Invite God and watch what he can do!!

We asked the clergy to come to the Toddler Group and sit on big cushions in the corner, then offered people to take their children for a blessing. Many took advantage of this – and some asked for prayer for themselves.

We discussed different music. Repetitive songs are best. What are the best songs? I’ve just started – and play the guitar.

My husband comes to the toddler group as a dad of our 3-year old and this helps him build relationships with other dads who come. Helps other men feel comfortable in a female group.

More creative craft for children under 5 in Sunday school. 



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