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There is plenty of debate over whether the command to teach our children in Deuteronomy 6:7 is for the nuclear family or the wider community (church) but there is growing recognition that church-based families have a partnership role with the church in developing the faith of their children. However, many parents are lacking in confidence and ideas as to how to play their part.


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Daily reading notes and activities for children and families


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All these sites have materials and ideas to help families explore their faith together at home.



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Hand in Hand: Enjoying Faith as a Family (Mother's Union) RRP £2


A 24-page booklet that is a stand alone resource for families or would also work well with a parents' group who want to explore together how they experience faith in their family.


The sections offer practical ways in which to share family spirituality, celebrate the wonder of life in good times and bad, explore the Bible together and develop personal and family faith.


Sue says: Ideal to give to all the families in your church and those coming for baptism, thanksgiving etc.


available from

Side by Side with God in Everyday Life (Yvonne Morris, Barnabas for Children) RRP £7.99


28 easy to use Bible story based sessions featuring the times and seasons outlined on Ecclesiastes 3:1-8. Open questions, reflection, discussion, further exploration and prayer mean that families or one parent or grandparent and child can grow together in their understanding of what it means to walk side by side with God in everything we do.


Sue says: Easy to pick up and use. The age range on the book is 6-10s but I think the Digging deeper and Bible links sections mean that it can still be challenging to young teens. 


2012 conference recommended title


Families with Faith (Richard Patterson, Scripture Union) RRP £7.99


How can Christian parents create families that nurture faith in Jesus? Parents, counsellors and church leaders will welcome this readable and affirming guide which is strong on common sense and inspiration. Its aim is to put God at the centre of family life, combining practical guidelines with biblical principles.


2012 conference recommended title

2011 conference recommended title 








The Heavenly Party (Michele Guiness, Monarch) RRP £12.99


Ideas and resources for celebration at home or in the wider community. Christians should have the best parties!


Part One: Explores what true celebration is and looks at how Jesus loved to party.

Part Two: Festival parties, including anniversaries, a weekly sabbath, events in the church calendar. Includes suggestions for rituals, prayers, liturgies.

Part Three: General ideas for celebration. Includes sugggestions on how to organise the celebration event. Part Four: 50 best celebration recipes.


2011 conference recommended title

2010 conference recommended title



The "E" Book: Essential Prayers and Activities for Faith at Home (Gill Ambrose, Church House Publishing)


Fun activities, ideas, Bible readings and prayers to enable even the busiest families to celebrate the Christian faith together at home. The book can also be used on family outings and holidays and the activities require the minimal amount of preparation. Ideal to help families discover some of the real 'Essentials' of the Christian life. Events, people, organizations and festivals of the Christian year featured in the book include: Christmas, Candlemas, Pancake Day, Mothering Sunday, Holy Week, Christian Aid, Pentecost, St Aidan, St Francis and Fireworks.


2011 conference recommended title


Our Family GodVenture (Victoria Beech, Beech Publishing) RRP £5.99


An activity sticker book for families wanting to do Bible and prayer activities together. The activities involve the 400+ stickers, and are based around Psalm 139. Target age group is families with children age 4-10 years, but easy to use flexibly with additional older or younger children.


2012 conference recommended title 

2011 conference recommended title





Practical ideas for families at home (Catherine Kyte, 2011 conference) £3.99

Enjoying faith as part of family life should be as natural as any other aspect. This seminar gives practical ideas to help families move from the guilt of “we ought” to the fun of “we want”!



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