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Every one of us is unique, special and known to God but those who produce resources and teach about children's ministry and family ministry tend (for very practical reasons) to group children together by age group and make assumptions about their abilities and behaviour.


But many of the children you work with will have temporary or permanent issues that cause them to differ from the 'standard'. Here we point you to some resources that will help you better understand those issues and will hopefully give you ideas of how to modify your sessions or give particular support to individual children.


Difficult behaviour - ideas on coping with disruptive behaviour


Special needs - information of various disabilities and ideas on how to appropriately modify your groups


Self inflicted abuse and harming - information on where to seek support and help


Keeping safe - information on child protection policies and supporting children who have suffered abuse


Sickness and bereavement - a series of books addressing the experience of children who are life limited, have extended stays in hospital, have to go to hospital, and have lost a sibling.

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