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An appropriate short talk or story, especially if illustrated in some way, can help children and adults alike connect to your Bible message.

Stories are a very powerful way of teaching children. They have a strong desire to belong to family and community and experience belonging by knowing the stories. Stories for this age group need to be simply constructed with a beginning, a middle and an end. They need to be told in simple language and concentrate on people, objects and events rather than abstract ideas and concepts.


Resources for short stories, talks and object lesssons


Children's Bibles and Bible storybooks

Biographies of Christians


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  • Storytelling for the very young




    Drama in storytelling (Lucy Moore, 2011 conference) £3.99

    Simple tools, drama games and ideas for using with children to help them enjoy, understand and reflect on Bible stories. Come ready to join in!




    Preparing your own retelling of the Bible (Bob Hartman, 2011 conference) £3.99

    It's one thing to use someone else's retelling of a Bible story, and another thing to create your own. It can be more personal, more suited to your needs and the needs of your group. And in this session Bob will show you how.




    Storytelling with under 5s (Alexa Tewkesbury, 2011 conference) £3.99

    How do you grab young children’s attention? And once you’ve grabbed it, how do you hold on to it? Energising techniques for interactive storytelling with a pre-school age audience, including plenty of practical demonstration.




    Storytelling for all ages (Bob Hartman, 2010 conference) £2.99


    Answering the questions: Why does storytelling 'work'? What makes a good retelling of a Bible Story? And what are some effective storytelling techniques?

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