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All-age worship service elements

These books and conference seminar downloads provide ideas to add into your all-age worship services.

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Multi-sensory worship ideas

Prayer ideas

Talks and stories












Christmas All Wrapped Up (Scripture Union) RRP £11.99


Packed full of top-quality material combining years of SU experience with exciting new ideas, it will help churches get the most out of Christmas this year and for years to come.


It contains: all-age Advent service, yuletide evangelism, quotes and anecdotes, plays, quiz questions, songs, rhymes and raps, nativity services, quick Christmas talks, short presentations, Christmas day services, craft ideas, Christingle services, assembly outlines, Christmas parties and games.


This is book geared especially to churches reaching out into the community and showing people the real meaning of Christmas.


More Christmas Wrapped Up (Scripture Union) RRP £11.99


More Christmas activities for use at a time when non-churched people are more likely to go to a church.


All-age service outlines, parties and events give churches help to make the most on this opportunity. The children's party outlines, craft ideas, games and quizzes help children explore the Christmas story through different media.



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Multi-sensory worship ideas

 Multi Sensory Ideas copy
















Multi-Sensory Ideas for Worship (Irene Smale, David C Cook) RRP £8.99

100 practical activities for children's and family ministry divided into five sections - see, hear, smell, touch and taste. Irene provides activities that can be used in a variety of settings and each of the 100 ideas has alternatives that are better suited for an activity time or for inclusion in a more traditional style of service.


Each idea also has an accompanying prayer and song suggestion (all written by Ishmael, some especially for this book). Bible reference index included.


2010 conference recommended title





Multi-Sensory: Worship (Sue Wallace, Scripture Union) RRP £11.99


60 Creative, experiential and inspiring ideas, outlines and scripts to make times of prayer and praise an opportunity to engage the body and the senses as well as the spirit. Meet with God using stories, meditation, chanting, painting, recycled objects, crafts, drumming and dance music. Unpack the book of Revelation through cups of tea, intercede for others through food and grow pot plants as an act of healing prayer.


Fully photocopiable; with useful indexes by type of prayer, church seasons, Bible verses and group size.


2010 conference recommended title





Multi-sensory Worship for All Ages (Irene Smale, 2010 conference) £2.99


The theory and practice of using our five senses in worship with all ages. Including the opportunity to take away lots of ideas. Also incorporating live music led by Ishmael.




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Prayer ideas



Multi-Sensory: Prayer (Sue Wallace,Scripture Union) RRP £11.99

Over 60 hands-on, step-by-step tips on everything from innovative new techniques to meditations and rituals borrowed from across Christian traditions. Includes a section on labyrinths.









Multi-sensory: Church (Sue Wallace, Scripture Union) RRP £11.99

Over 30 ready-to-use ideas. New ideas for prayers using more than just reading and writing including two labyrinths for use at Christmas and Easter to take you on a symbolic prayer journey to meet with God.


With drama scripts, stories, hints and tips to help use the different senses in worship, these activities can enhance meetings and services, and encourage people to experience prayer in new ways.







500 Prayer Ideas for all Occassions (David Clowes, David C Cook) RRP £12.99


A variety of ready-to-use or easy to adapt prayers for anyone responsible for leading public prayer.













500 More Prayer Ideas for all Occassions (David Clowes, David C Cook) RRP £12.99

A further selection of ready-to-use or easy to adapt prayers for anyone responsible for leading public prayer.











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Talks and stories






Bob Hartman's Non Stop Story Shop

This is a website with new stories being added every week. You can read the first part of each story before you buy.


New story of the week 50p

Back catalogue stories 79p






Telling the Bible (Bob Hartman, Monarch), RRP £10.99 - sadly out of print but still available through Amazon


This is a wonderful way for adults and children to enjoy and discover the Bible's most gripping stories, all retold by a master storyteller.


There are stories for individual and group performances, stories for the major Christian festivals, stories for a variety of age groups. They will be remembered long after the service or event in which they featured has slipped from memory. Each story is accompanied by 'telling tips' and followed by discussion questions. It is presented is a large format and clear type for easy reading.


A best selling title at the 2010 conference

Telling the Gospel (Bob Hartman, Monarch) RRP £10.99


A newly published (2010) companion volume to Telling the Bible.


70 stories about Jesus, his birth, life, teaching, death and resurrection from Luke's Gospel told in a wide variety of narrative forms to produce stories that will delight new Christians and Bible veterans alike.


Each story is accompanied by an introduction explaining its particular place and function, with telling tips and questions. Some require audience participation: all are designed to entertain and inform. The book is produced in large clear print and strongly bound for prolonged use. The price includes a license to photocopy.


2012 conference recommended title



available from the author's website


 I know a Young Woman who Swallowed a Lie (Dr Hazel Butler, Onward & Upward) RRP £12.99

Traditional rhymes and songs ('odd songs')are given new words that tell the stories and message of the Bible ('God songs').

Sue says: The uniqueness of this book is the way it uses the background to the 'odd songs' as an introduction to the teaching points of the 'God songs'. The language used in the rhymes means this in not aimed at very young children - more appropriate for older children or all age settings.

Instant Talks copy












Instant Talks for All Ages (Sue Relf, David C Cook) RRP £8.99

100 ideas for illustrated talks, or object lessons, which can be fitted in to most occasions. Each talk has a related Bible passage and teaching point. The Book is divided into ten sections: God the Father, Laws for Life (the Ten Commandments), Jesus God's Son, The Bible, Human Beings are Special, What a Wonderful World, What's Wrong?, Contrary to Popular Opinion, Followers of Jesus, and Special Occasions.

Tales of Grace (Eve Lockett, Barnabas) RRP £7.99

Written with both children and adults in mind these stories illustrate some of the main-themes of the Christian life, such as grace, forgiveness, friendship, guidance, trust and prayer. Some have a traditional flavour, others a contemporary setting.


Each story is accompanied by sermon pointers for four key Bible passages relating to the theme, questions for young listeners and suggestions for visual aids and actions.







Tales for the Prayer Journey (Eva Lockett, Barnabas) RRP £7.99


30 five-minute stories exploring key aspects of prayer

 - such as being yourself, being honest, listening, praying in the Spirit and growing in faith.


The intention of the book is that prayer should be seen as integral to life and not merely a ritual act at the end of an event - the boring bit after the fun stops. The material aims to encourage children and adults to pray in their own way and their own language, but with a deeper understanding of prayer through exploring the Bible passages.


Each story is preceded by an introduction and key Bible verse and followed by practical prayer steps. The material is designed for both individual and group use.




Storytelling for all ages (Bob Hartman, 2010 conference) £2.99


Answering the questions: Why does storytelling 'work'? What makes a good retelling of a Bible Story? And what are some effective storytelling techniques?



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All-Age Sketches for the Christian Year (Peter Shaw, Barnabas) RRP £7.99

20 easy-to-perform sketches for major festivals and popular celebrations, including Christmas, Mother's Day and Harvest. Entertaining and thought-provoking, the sketches only require a handful of actors, simple costumes and everyday props and will appeal to all ages. The book also contains a short practical guide to performing each drama. Ideal for injecting fun into church services, the sketches are also suitable for outreach events, youth work, children's camps and church weekends away.



Oh No, Not the Nativity (Andrew Barndon, Scripture Union) RRP £11.99


Over 20 sketches for use in church services written for festivals and special events all year round as well as an assortmant of Christmas sketches.


Suitable for all levels of experience and appealing to all ages, with a variety of styles and approaches. Full performance rights given and fully photocopiable.








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Multi-Sensory: Scripture (Sue Wallace, Scripture Union) RRP £11.99

50 creative and practical ideas for exploring the senses to expand understanding of the Bible. Covering topics including creative Bible confessions, creative Bible intercessions, creative Bible learning, creatively praying for ourselves and meditations to help you explore God's purpose in your life. 







Hands on Bible Creativity (Tracy Woodsford, Scripture Union) RRP £11.99

Using 25 creative craft activities, this photocopiable resource will encourage individuals and groups to use their gifts, skills and imagination to grow in their understanding of the Bible and God.








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