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2012 Games

Many organisations are taking the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games as the inspiration to produce resources that use sports as a way of reaching children, young people and families.


More than Gold is an umbrella organisation that has its logo on many of the resources.













Decathlon (Scripture Union, Urban Saints and Youth for Christ) RRP £11.99 


Use sport to open up the Gospel to young people from outside the church. Using games derived from ten different sports, Decathlon takes young people trhough some of the essentials of Christian faith such as who God is, God's grace and the freedom offered by God.


Each session provides material to use in an assembly, a youth group meeting or a longer holiday time programme (resource ideas are divided into 11-14s and 14-18s).


Goalball - Who is God?

Volleyball - We are part of God's plan

Archery - Why did Jesus die?

Dressage - Jesus brings freedom

Shot put - Who sets your direction?

Modern pentathlon - God's gifts

Four-person relay - Serving others

Fencing - Worth fighting for

Marathon - With God for life

Gymnastics - Living for God now!


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On your marks (Scripture Union)  

Resource book RRP £12.99

DVD RRP £19.99

Get Set childrens' booklet RRP £2.50


A five-day holiday club, for 5 to 11s, especially suitable for children who are not yet part of a church community. It has a 'Global Games' sports theme and is based on significant events from the life of Jesus found in Mark's Gospel. On Your Marks is supported by a DVD with five storytelling episodes. The sessions in this programme are:
Sunday service 1: Opening ceremony Mark 9:33-37
Day 1: Making the team Mark 1:14-20; 2:13-17; 3:13-19
Day 2: Shaping the team Mark 10:46-52
Day 3: Inspiring the team Mark 9:2-13
Day 4: Challenging the team Mark 6:45-52
Day 5: Sticking to the team Mark 4:1-9;14-20
Sunday service 2: Closing ceremony Mark 14-16


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Sports Fun for Messy Churches (Lucy Moore, Barnabas) RRP £5.99


A great way to enhance your Messy Church experience by providing fun-filled games and sports activities for families to enjoy together. This little book provides a wealth of simple, interactive games and family-friendly sports ideas for Messy Church leaders to use in their sessions.


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The Sports Academy Holiday Club (john Hardwick, Barnabas) RRP £11.99


World class sport brings people together, but sport at the local level encourages people to exercise, eat good wholesome food, develop new skills, build team spirit and have a target to aim for. Above all, at both levels there is no doubt that sport is lots of fun!

Many great sporting heroes come from very ordinary backgrounds - often its sheer hard work and belief in what they can achieve that earns them success. When linked to a life of faith, such stories of success can be compared to one of the great Old Testament heroes: David - a small town boy who made it big!

Running alongside the primary theme of David's rise from shepherd boy to king of Israel, the material links the biblical teaching to contemporary living by exploring five essential ingredients of sport, not just for healthy living, but also as a tool for spiritual well-being on the journey of faith.

These are:
Looking after our bodies
Looking after our self-esteem
Looking after our well-being
Looking after our sense of team spirit
Looking after our minds

Contains five complete two-and-a-half hour programmes plus extra ideas for a special service or event.


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Who comes first? (Chris Hudson, Barnabas) £6.99


A cross-curricular classroom and assembly resource for Key Stage 2 RE teachers - contains material for seven lesson plans and three assemblies.

Respect, Excellence, Friendship, Courage, Determination, Inspiration and Equality - what do these Olympic and Paralympic values actually mean for our schoolchildren?

Who Comes First? gives teachers a chance to explore these big ideas with their classes in RE lessons, encouraging pupils to ask hard questions about sporting values, respond to true-life stories in a variety of ways - and reflect on the opportunities and challenges that an athlete's sense of purpose could possibly have for their own lives.

PE and Games can sometimes be part of an unconscious 'hidden curriculum' that celebrates the achievements of the talented few and ignores the less-talented many. Here's a chance to explore the other side of the winning tape!

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