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 The Children’s Ministry Teaching Programme was written by trained and experienced children’s workers, with the contribution of educationalists as well as Bible scholars and other specialists. The familiar ‘spiral of learning’ model is used, which means that a child may encounter a particular Bible story at an early age, and return to the same story later. His spiritual development has progressed and he is able to take away deeper or new truths from the same passage of scripture. Of course, since the session is offered in an age-appropriate way, the child may welcome the repetition of a familiar story, but also appreciate an application that acknowledges his current situation.


The Children’s Ministry Teaching Programme is no longer being revised and reprinted. However there are still stocks of most of the seasons available in printed form and the whole cycle will become available as downloads.


This gives you the advantages of a Bible-centred, age-appropriate teaching programme but the flexibility to choose the particular sessions you want to teach term by term.


Visit the Zone you are interested to select your theme, find out more about the structure and for free download pdfs of a sample session.


kidzonewebKidZone: 164 sessions providing a four-year teaching cycle for children aged 5-9. If you have a wide age range in your group, this material can be used with children from 5-11.









yzonewebY-Zone: 164 sessions providing a four-year programme teaching cycle for children aged 9-13.










minizonewebMiniZone: 92 sessions providing a two-year teaching cycle for children aged 3-5.










totzonewebTotZone: 92 sessions providing a two-year teaching programme toddlers and preschoolers.









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